Matt Hardy To Sammy Guevara After Chair Shot: ‘I Don’t Die, Can You Say The Same?’

Matt Hardy

Photo: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy didn’t show his multiverse of identities in his latest video but he sure went through a litany of emotions as he spoke directly to Sammy Guevara.

Hardy took to his YouTube channel to express his disdain for the Spanish God after he recklessly threw a heavy hardened chair at his forehead last Wednesday, causing the once broken one to be unbelievably busted open.

“It seemed like time was standing still, everything was in slow motion,” said Hardy to start the promo. “I remember it exploding my forehead and then my world went black. Whenever I woke up after that, I was lying in the remains of a broken table and blood was coming out of my head like it was Niagara Falls. Sammy, that literally could have killed me.”

Hardy then gave himself a new goal, one that doesn’t involve AEW gold, but vengeance for his near deadly actions on Dynamite.

“It is my mission, it is my duty, Sammy, to end you. And not just physically hurt you, it’s my mission to rid you from this business because you don’t deserve to be in the same industry I’m in. You don’t deserve it.”

Hardy says both are at different stages in their lives and while Sammy may be a care-free single man, Matt has people who rely on him.

“When you put my life on the line, I have a family. I have a wife, I have three young kids that depend on me every single day. You took a chance on ruining my life.”

Matt then closed out the promo by stating many promotions had tried to end him literally and figuratively, but the eldest Hardy boy doesn’t die, something he repeated until he was shouting it throughout the Hardy compound before asking if Guevara can say the same.

Full video below: