Xavier Woods Shares Wrestlepalooza 98 Story With D-Von Dudley

Xavier Woods Livestream UpUpDownDown

Photo: UpUpDownDown

Xavier Woods and the rest of the New Day recently had ECW original and current WWE Producer D-Von Dudley on their Feel The Power Podcast. The conversation first steered to Xavier’s earliest days in wrestling, when he was backing up Adam “Pacman” Jones in TNA as Consequences Creed. When he was let go from the current IMPACT Wrestling, he felt dejected and was ready to leave the industry entirely. It turns out that D-Von, who was part of Team 3D in TNA at the time, was the one to convince him to continue on and get a job with WWE.

This led to a story of Xavier attending Wrestlepalooza 98 with a friend and that friend’s mom. Xavier and his friend were 17 at the time, so their attendance was probably a bit premature. The mother agreed with that sentiment, ready to take the boys home after the first contest. Then, the Dudleys came out, and through a lucky circumstance, the team’s vile prematch promo targeted Xavier’s group. The friend’s mother was so incensed by the heels that she sat back down and said that she “wanted to see them get their asses kicked.”

For the full wholesome tale of profanity, be sure to check out the full clip embedded below:

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