EC3: Vince McMahon Wanted Me To Talk Like A Weatherman


Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

EC3 recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho and reflected on his career. He looked back on his callup from NXT and his conversations with Vince McMahon. Ec3 took a trip down memory lane by recapping his run with IMPACT Wrestling. Here are some highlights.

On his NXT call-up:

EC3: “The call-up happened, which was interesting enough, you know, you wait for the callup your whole life and the most exciting part’s your vignette, right, like what’s gonna bring you in, what’s cool, what’s gonna build you in. They kind of haphazardly threw all these vignettes together and my literal vignette to get called up to the biggest company, biggest entertainment company in wrestling in the world, was filmed by my roommate in my apartment in Orlando. A nice apartment, don’t get me wrong, it’s a high-rise condo, it’s pretty cool, call it F-Town, I can say these things now.”

“But this is it, and it was a very bizarre, like I walk in, not in a suit but looking nice, so they’re taking away the suit aspect in this top one percent…talent, top one percent mentality, man, I had some good promos about that, I forgot them all, you get hit in the head a lot. But yeah, so we film this vignette in my apartment, and it airs for like six weeks, but we never hear anything about anything. Royal Rumble comes, I’m like, maybe I’ll be number three, get a good pop, we’re off to a good start. Nope, then I think it was a week after, I was working with Moxley and he told that story on this podcast.”

On Vince telling him to speak like a weatherman:

EC3: “Yeah, I’ve had a couple conversations with him and they were all very positive. So he really said everything people say…like, ‘You look great, I know you can talk, you got a ton of charisma , you’re a good worker but you’re not super flashy and that’s okay because some of my top draws were never the flashy guys.’ I’m like ‘Okay cool, can I talk?’ ‘Well, I think you’re a little over the top.’ How many promos have you seen of me? One? I think they saw one, and it was shot in my pool, in a condo, and it was fairly over the top. Regardless, it was basing this on one promo if I could speak.

“‘Well, I want you to speak like a weatherman.’ I can do that. Like a monotone, one-dimensional…like, man.”

On Eric Bischoff not thinking his character could work in IMPACT Wrestling:

EC3: “I think he just didn’t think the character would work. It wasn’t a knock on me or a sleight on me at all. But then he did apparently say,’I was wrong, the character works. ‘ Yeah, cuz I’m f—— awesome, dude.”

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