Collector’s Corner: Jazwares AEW Unrivaled Series 1 In-Depth Review(Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at none other than Jazwares’ AEW Unrivaled Series 1.

This set features:

  • Kenny Omega
  • Brandi Rhodes
  • Cody (with 1/500 Chase variant)
  • Matt Jackson
  • Nick Jackson
  • Chris Jericho (with 1/1000 Chase variant)

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AEW Unrivaled Figures

The Packaging

The packaging on these is a nod to the old Jakks WWE Classic Superstars line as the man behind it, Jeremy Padawer, is behind this new AEW series. A lot of his influence can be seen on this. The side of the box has the wrestler’s name as well as what number they are in the set while the opposite side has a larger image of them and their name. The gold foil accents shine in the light, too, which is a really nice touch. On the back of the box showcases a large image of the wrestler followed by all whom are in the set.

The box opens relatively easy, but you have to cut the tape on the side. Unfortunately you can’t open the box neatly so you have to ruin it, unlike the Mattel WWE boxes that allow you to nicely open them and re-secure them if desired. Regardless, the packaging is still nice.

Kenny Omega

Up first we have Kenny Omega’s first official action figure. While Kenny looks great there are a few issues with him off the bat. His skin tone is too pale as he is normally tan with a darker complexion. Jazwares addressed this would be fixed on future figures of him. Also, initial runs of the figure were released with no highlights in his hair, which will also be a running change in future shipments.

Besides that Kenny looks great. His likeness is spot on and he features removable entrance gear. His entrance gear is made of rubber material, making it easy to remove, but a bit challenging to fasten. To remove Kenny’s wrist gauntlet you can pop off his pointing hand. Once Kenny’s entrance gear is removed you can see the great amount of detail in his tights, knee pads and kick pads. Kenny has a very ripped torso as well, which can be posed greatly as he has a ball-jointed chest and waist. He also comes with swappable hands.

Overall, Kenny is a great figure minus the few issues. The detail is great and the poseability is fantastic for recreating his iconic moves. If you’re a fan of him I highly recommend picking this up. He has an alternate figure with the AEW Authentic Scale Ring coming to Ringside later this month if you prefer that attire instead. That figure will have the blonde highlights too.

Brandi Rhodes

Brandi is the first female figure in the AEW line and also the hardest to come by at retail as she is very limited, meaning she won’t be in every case. Many collectors whom have come across the set so far at Walmart have been unable to find her, making her highly sought after to complete the set. If you want her I highly recommend ordering her from Ringside to guarantee yourself one.

Brandi features her blue and white attire with her tall, white boots. She has the ball-jointed chest joint like the other figures but only has a swivel waist compared to the male figures that have a ball-jointed waist. She has a great amount of detail as well to the point her fingernails are even painted. Also, Brandi’s boots have thin heels, making her a bit difficult to stand up, but it is possible if you’re patient.

While Brandi may not be the most exciting figure in the set she definitely looks great and is a great addition to the line, especially with your Cody figure.


Cody’s first AEW figure is pretty good and it’s pre-neck tattoo for those wondering why he does not have that. Some people feel he looks like the “I love turtles” kid on YouTube if you remember that viral YouTube video. Regardless, he has bleach blonde hair and a serious smug look on his face. He has his “Dream” chest tattoo as well as a removable waist belt that is made of rubber, making it a bit difficult to fasten but has some great detail and logos on it. Cody even has a tattoo on his finger, which is great attention to detail. He also has his blue/gold tights with the logos and designs and his white boots with the straps. He also comes with his sledgehammer from when he smashed the throne.

Overall, Cody is pretty good. He’s a little pasty, but Jazwares has stated the skin tones will look better as the line continues. If you like Cody this is a nice addition to your collection. There supposedly is a UK exclusive in alternate attire. Cody also has a 1/500 in his Star Trek vest and gold attire, which I unfortunately didn’t have in time for this review. Definitely pick him up if you’re a fan!

Chris Jericho

Jericho is very similar to his Bubbly Ringside Exclusive figure but this one has a mean mug look with his teeth showing. He is in the same attire, but also comes with a rubber jacket that is super detailed as well as swappable glove hands. He also comes with a black hat and a cloth scarf, which looks great. Jericho has a ton of detail in his tattoos on his arms and hands. He also has his black trunks with the silver designs on the legs as well as the belt around his waist. Not to mention his unique boots that are loosened at the tongue, which looks really unique.

Overall, if you have the Bubbly one this one is just as nice. I much prefer the mean look on this one and I love the accessories and extra hands with this one. If you missed the Bubbly one or want a Jericho this one is just as nice. He also has a 1/1000 version with an Inner Circle shirt as well as the AEW title but I also didn’t have that in time for this review unfortunately. Keep an eye out for that at retail.

The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick, are also fantastic figures in this set. They share the same body from the neck down I believe minus some minor detail changes. They come with amazing cloth goods of their jackets that are highly detailed with logos, tassels and more. They velcro closed in the front as well, allowing you to seal the jacket shut. Matt has a serious head scan while Nick has an angry scan as well as a bandana in his hair. While both figures are very similar Matt has tape on his right hand and a black belt while Nick has a white belt and no tape on his hand. They also have tassels going down the sides of their legs and some other details on their pants. An issue I noticed was posing their ankles properly to have them stand well so just be patient with that. One thing that’s awesome about these figures is that you can pose them to do their entrance pose where they’re flexing their muscles and hunched over.

Overall, these figures are great and the way they’re posed in the packaging is excellent if you position them side by side. The cloth goods on these are excellent to say the least, just a huge nod to the old Jakks figures honestly. The cloth goods really makes them pop and whether you open them or keep them mint they will be excellent for display and or play purposes. I highly recommend these two figures honestly.


Overall, while the figures have a few flaws being the first wave of this series, they are still pretty awesome. The cloth goods and especially the articulation are very impressive at their price point, which will more than likely impact the Mattel WWE line in the future in my opinion. The figures are very nice with some skin tone issues, but as mentioned multiple times Jazwares has already addressed that for future lineups. I highly recommend them if you can look past the little flaws. Be sure to pre-order series two over on Ringside if you want them as it sounds like they’ve been a nightmare to find at Walmart sadly. Ringside is your safest bet to guarantee yourself a set right now.

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