Excalibur Scheduled To Return For This Week’s Tapings Of AEW Dynamite


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Excalibur has been off of AEW Dynamite the past few weeks, but it looks like commentator could be back on television as soon as next Wednesday.

Dave Meltzer is reporting in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Excalibur has flew into Jacksonville for next week’s television and unless something changes, he’ll be in the booth for this week’s Dynamite that’s been highlighted as FTR’s Tag Team Appreciation Night.

Excalibur’s absence from television comes stemming off the 17-year old footage of the star at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla show using the N-word as part of a planned storyline with the Human Tornado. Tornado himself has since defended both Excalibur and Kevin Owens (who was also involved in the angle) on social media.

Excalibur’s name has not been mentioned on Dynamite nor has an excuse been given for his absence, but it was Taz who happened to sit in filling the commentator role during these two sets of tapings. The Human Suplex Machine joining the booth on AEW Dark and his familiar colleagues in Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone. Excalibur was reportedly at these previous tapings, but was not on the show due to the aforementioned reasons. It was also rumored that it was Excalibur’s decision not to be on the program.

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