Kofi Kingston Feels The Rock Deserves Title As First African-American WWE Champion

Kofi Kingston

Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

Speaking on D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast, Kofi Kingston answered a tricky question about his popular run last year as WWE Champion. Namely, whether he feels that some people’s view of him as the first African-American to hold the belt is accurate. That view discounts The Rock because he hails from Samoa and is “half-black.” Kofi thinks the whole thing can be “kinda silly.”

I think it’s sometimes kinda silly that people try to not count The Rock in that category because regardless of what you look like, you are what you are, you know what I’m saying? He’s black, whether he’s half-black or full black, he’s black so, but I definitely take a lot of pride in that sentiment like you said.

Still, Kofi understands where the sentiment comes from, and how him holding the belt may look different than when Dwayne Johnson did it.

I think for a long time, people of color, especially African Americans have been waiting for someone who looks exactly like them to hold that championship title and I mention it all the time but on Twitter and social media, the moment that happened, I got so many different messages and people in tears. There’s a video of actually Shad [Gaspard] and MVP crying.

However is regarded as the first, it’s a shame that there aren’t more examples than the two and that they were so far apart in history. If and when the world returns to normalcy, here’s hoping that Kofi Kingston can actually act as a former world champion on TV and that his New Day brothers can get those same opportunities in the future.

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