Alexander Hammerstone Notes He’s Up For A Shot At MLW World Title On Latest Pulp Fusion

Alexander Hammerstone

Photo Credit: MLW

Alexander Hammerstone has talked the talk and walked the walk for well over a year in Major League Wrestling as the company’s National Openweight Champion and now he’s ready to go after Jacob Fatu.

Hammerstone was doing more walking around his residence on the most recent episode of MLW Pulp Fusion as he was the man to bring home all the accolades from his recent Hammerstone Invitational bodybuilding excursion. His girlfriend was trying to get clarification of his actions as he literally had several trophies and medals on his person, but Hammer took a moment to call out none other than the MLW World Champion, making it clear that he’s up for a shot against The Samoan Werewolf and his cherished heavyweight gold.

“14 months. 14 months I am number one in the rankings and I am up for a shot at your World Heavyweight Championship,” Hammer stated before continuing his one of several victory laps.

Another “champion” at his residence happened to be Richard Holliday who seemingly has big plans for a party and a very special guest to boot. The MLW “Caribbean Champion” aims to have Guy Fieri be his guest chef at his shindig coming up, but runs into a few complications chatting with Guy’s assistant over his Air Pods.

The whole episode itself, however, began on a chilling note as Injustice’s Jordan Oliver was attacked from behind by CONTRA Unit all while Josef Samael reveled in admiration of his group’s violent tactics.

We also see Tom Lawlor try to make his way to Hawaii to confront The Von Erichs and we see Salina de la Renta in one bad mood. You can see the entire episode below:

  • CONTRA Unit has issued a statement following last week’s savage attack.
  • Salina de la Renta is in a bad mood!
  • How did National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone do in the first annual Hammerstone Invitational? Find out!
  • Gino makes some summer plans.
  • World Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich are hungry to defend the belts.
  • “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Kit Osbourne are on the lam as they hit the road for… Hawaii?
  • Richard Holliday calls up his personal friend/celebrity chef.
  • Calvin Tankman readies to go major league.

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