The Rock Is Totally Willing To Job To Daniel Bryan In The Name Of Girl Dads Everywhere

The Rock

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In the true Disney spirit, The Rock is totally willing to do the job for Daniel Bryan as payback for Daniel’s daughter, Birdie Joe Danielson, always listening to The Rock’s song from Moana, “You’re Welcome.”

Daniel Bryan jokingly threw out the challenge earlier in the day, saying that he wanted to wrestle The Rock not in the name of in-ring supremacy but simply because of the hit Disney song being stuck in his head. A few hours later, Dwayne Johnson would reply on Twitter and accept the challenge noting that he would do the job in the name of “girl dads,” before congratulating Daniel Bryan on the birth of his son, who was born on August 1st, 2020.

The Rock knows a lot about being a girl dad, as he’s only ever fathered, girls. His eldest daughter, Simone, is currently a trainee at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida