Mustafa Ali: ‘You Can’t Adapt Without Opportunity’, Ruby Riott On Reuniting With Liv Morgan

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Mustafa Ali: ‘You Can’t Adapt Without Opportunity’

Mustafa Ali recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump and discussed several topics. Highlights include Ali’s thoughts on how he plans to adapt now that he’s back and what he wants to accomplish.

On how he plans to adapt:

Ali : “The landscape is forever changing. Two nights ago, we introduced RAW Underground, we have this group that’s setting up and setting things on fire and then I show up out of nowhere and pin, at that time, self-proclaimed US Champion, MVP. Beautiful 450, by the way. I mean, does anyone do a better one? I can do it forwards, I can do it backwards, I can do it with my eyes closed. Like, man, what can the kid not do?”

“As far as adaptation, it’s hard because you can’t adapt without opportunity, right? If you don’t have the opportunity, if you’re not given a platform, if you’re not included in the discussion, it’s hard, you know? You could be the best in the world, but if you’re sitting in a dark room and no one sees you, no one sees you. So the thing that I’m carrying forward with it is I will always be ready, I will always be prepared, so when that opportunity comes, I’m gonna hit a home run. But I need to be called up to bat.”

On how he measures success:

Ali: “I think I’m a very unique superstar in the sense that it’s not about wins and championships for me. I don’t have the best win-loss record in the WWE, I’ve never held a championship in WWE despite being with the company since 2016. And that is not me complaining at all. The thing that I am craving for, the thing that I am asking for, the thing that I want, is to tell a story and I could sit here and tell everybody, I have not had that opportunity yet.”

Ruby Riott On Reuniting With Liv Morgan

Ruby Riott appeared on the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump and discussed several topics

On reuniting with Liv Morgan

Riott: “It felt great to be able to finally get a chance to explain myself. Kevin [Owens] gave us the opportunity to have her in front of me so that I could explain why I did what I did and you know, while my actions weren’t right or justified, there was a reason behind them. And it wasn’t necessarily ego or anything like that. It was just someone who had struggled to come back over the last 10 months from double shoulder surgery. And I just…I didn’t know where my place was anymore if I wasn’t the leader of the Riott Squad and I didn’t know if I was needed. And I lashed out and I didn’t exactly express those feelings in the right way when I came back but those were all things that I had been trying for the last, you know, month, a little over a month, trying to explain to Liv, and trying to tell her that, and I hadn’t had the opportunity until [Monday] night and it was so nice to finally be heard and it was even better, the response that came from it.”

“Right now just being able to gain Liv’s trust back is my number one priority, and seeing us as a team become something new and become more successful than we’ve ever been.”

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