Nia Jax Suspended Without Pay, Akira Tozawa Becomes 24/7 Champion

nia jax

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Nia Jax Suspended Without Pay

Nia Jax got fined last week due to her attacking Pat Buck and now she’s suspended without pay. Jax and Buck came out to the ring and it looked like an apology was going to occur. However, Jax instead said she was justified and challenged Buck to a match. That’s when Buck announced the bombshell that she’s suspended without pay. Jax didn’t take well to the news and laid out Buck again (check out the video below).

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Akira Tozawa Becomes 24/7 Champion

Akira Tozawa is your new WWE 24/7 Champion. Thanks to a distraction from his ninjas, he was able to pin R-Truth in a triple threat match. No doubt Benjamin will try to regain the title since he wasn’t pinned.