WWE RAW Results (8/3/20)

Backstage, Sasha Banks and Bayley said they decided to spice things up; they’ve created a special video package that highlights their recent success. Asuka interrupts the video and says revenge will be very sweet. Shayna Baszler confronts the champions and says Banks “snaked” her way to the title. Baszler punches Banks and knocks her down.

Elsewhere backstage, Kevin Owens bumps into the IIconics. They ask him if they can be on the KO Show. Owens says he loves Australia but he already has a guest.

The Kevin Owens Show

Owens welcomes fans to the show and says a lot of interesting things are happening tonight. He says he wants to address an ongoing issue that involves Ruby Riott. She says she had pretty bad luck before she beat Peyton Royce. Riott calls the IIconics “toxic, sad broads.” She said she got to shut the IIconics up, but she wants to celebrate with Liv Morgan. Owens brings Morgan out as his next guest.  Morgan slowly makes her way into the ring, and she says she’s here to listen to what Riott has to say. Owens says the two of them are great on their own, but they’re better together. Owens tells Morgan it’s worth hearing Riott out.

Riott says she thought everything would be the same when she came back, but she was wrong. She says Morgan was thriving on her own, and that hurt. Riott says she realized that Morgan doesn’t need her, and she wasn’t ready for that realization. She says it was wrong of her to take that frustration out on Morgan. Riott says the day the Riott Squad debuted changed her life forever, so she’s asking for a second chance for the Riott Squad.

The IIconics interrupt the show and say no one cares. Billie Kay says she’s tired of hearing about Riott’s emotional win over Royce. Royce says she and Kay have dominated, and they will always be better than Riott and Morgan. Morgan says they’re right; the two of them aren’t IIconic. But Morgan says no one starts a riot better than they do. Royce slaps Owens when he asks for their microphones to stop working, and Kay slaps him too. Owens asks Riott and Morgan for help, and they attack the IIconics.

The IIconics vs. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan

The IIconics take control early on and ground Riott. Peyton Royce pulls Riott to the mat by her hair and double-teams her with Billie Kay. Riott rallies with a superkick and tags Morgan, who instantly gains the upper hand. She hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Kay tags in but Morgan rolls her up for the win.

Winners: Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan

The IIconics attack Morgan after the match, but Riott saves her partner. Riott and Morgan double-team Kay and leave the ring together.

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