Lana Documents Waiting In Line For WWE COVID-19 Test, Implores Fans To Stay Safe


Photo credit: Jamy / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Lana decided to give fans a little insight on how the COVID-19 testing process begins for WWE talent. On her own YouTube Channel, the former “Ravishing Russian” recorded herself waiting in line at the WWE Performance Center to receive a COVID-19 test and in addition to that, gave a few friendly warnings about what everyone can do to make themselves and others stay safe.

The video has a couple “cameos” from fellow WWE talent who found themselves at the behest of the big line in Orlando which included Mike Rome and Liv Morgan, both of whom you cannot see, but they are in their respective vehicles. Rome happened to be behind Lana while Morgan was rolling away from the scene.

CHeck out the full video below:

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