Shane McMahon Returns To WWE Raw Tonight (UPDATE)

shane mcmahon

Photo credit: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images

UPDATE: WrestleVotes is reporting that Shane McMahon’s appearance tonight is going to be tied to the news that he’ll be revealing a new concept to WWE Raw and the concept raised some eyebrows at the Performance Center earlier today.

WWE has confirmed that former Smackdown GM and man who likes to fling himself off of cages Shane McMahon will be appearing on WWE Raw tonight. Shane was last seen on WWE TV losing a ladder match to then-rival Kevin Owens and being fired as a result.

There’s no indication as to why he’s arriving on Monday Night. Perhaps McMahon has some unfinished business with the prizefighter. Perhaps it has something to do with Randy Orton readopting the Legend Killer persona. Maybe he finally found the key to that lockbox he’s been talking about for years. In any case, Shane-O should probably bring a helmet and a crashpad.

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