Ric Flair Trying To Convince WWE To Let Him Manage Randy Orton At SummerSlam

Ric Flair

Photo Credit: WWE

Ric Flair recently spoke with TV Insider about a wide variety of topics, including how the WWE Hall of Fame wants to convince WWE to allow him to manage Randy Orton at the upcoming SummerSlam. Check out some of the highlights below:

On wanting to manage Randy Orton:

Some people are just happy to go home and sit on the sidelines, I love to always be doing something. I had a great time when I was on Raw a couple of times with Randy. To be 71 and even be on TV and be involved with WWE, that’s huge for me.

On how he likes to spend his time now:

I probably feel like right now I’m recognized more as a crossover demographic type guy, Whether it be the pop culture [stuff], wrestling, motivational things for sports teams like the Falcons or the University of Georgia. I’m sure I’ll do something for Florida, Georgia or Auburn this year. I have stepchildren at all three…For me, it’s all about having fun right now.

On coming back to help the young crop of WWE talent:

The kids treat me with so much respect. It’s nice. I never feel any level of discomfort. I just feel like I’m one of them. I watch, so I know what I’m talking about if someone asks me a question. I don’t miss any of the shows. So if a question arises while I’m there, I can answer it intelligently and at least give my opinion. I don’t walk in there as a stranger of the product. I walk in there as a fan. I’m just thrilled and amazed at how hard they all work. Nothing has changed when it comes to that part of the business.

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