WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (7/31/20)

Backstage, King Corbin tells Shorty G he could have had that title match. He says G should have all the opportunities Matt Riddle is getting. Corbin reminds him anyone who wants to prove Riddle doesn’t belong on SmackDown can have the king’s ransom.

In-Ring Segment: Jeff Hardy 

Hardy says he feels good because the last few months with Sheamus have been tough. He says the whole feud reminded him of how bad his demons can be. Hardy says he knows he’s on the right path after he defeated Sheamus. Hardy says he’s grateful that he can still perform in front of the fans and that his family and friends have made him stronger. He says he never wants to let anyone down again. He says he’s grateful to be alive and well.

King Corbin interrupts and says he’s tired of hearing about Hardy’s sobriety. Corbin says Hardy is whining about his recovery. “Your life…it sucks,” Corbin says. Corbin says he feels like he’s losing his mind. “My kingdom is turning into an insane asylum,” Corbin says. Hardy says the real problem might be Corbin. The king says he’s disappointed in Hardy. Corbin continues to insult Hardy’s recovery and Gulak attacks the king from behind.

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