Bayley On Hoarding All The Gold: ‘No One’s Stepping Up To The Plate’

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Bayley and Sasha Banks have undoubtedly been one of the shining duos in all of WWE during the lockdown period. The pair now own all the women’s gold across the main roster with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Speaking with Bleacher Report recently, Bayley discussed her success of late, her pairing with Sasha, and what she still hopes to accomplish in WWE.

On Ember Moon’s accusations of the duo hoarding all the gold:

Number one, Ember Moon’s not even there and seeing everything going on. She knows how good we are, she’s been in the ring with us, she’s teamed with us. But someone’s got to do it. If not us, then who? Somebody’s got to take control of this division. Someone’s got to take control of the company because no one’s stepping up to the plate, and Sasha and I have been up to bat for years and years and years. We’re knocking it out of the park. Sorry, Ember Moon, but if you want to do something about it, come do something about it.

On what Bayley still wants to accomplish in WWE:

I’ve never won a Royal Rumble match. I would love to main-event WrestleMania. Sasha and I haven’t had as many tag title matches as we’d like to have. I would love to have the tag titles represented on WrestleMania or SummerSlam as one of the marquee matches. I’d like to build up those tag titles because I think they’re going to be very important, now and in the future, for women coming in. Honestly, I want to just keep getting better and better and be one of the top stars in WWE as the years go on.

Who Bayley wants to face in the future:

Even though it’s Raw, I would love to have Liv Morgan come over. I don’t know how many times I have to say Liv Morgan and have her come to SmackDown. Mandy Rose and Sonya would be awesome. Even anyone in the NXT crowd. We’ve got the NXT crowd out there. Some of the girls watching us every week, I’d love to welcome them into the ring just to keep my skills sharp.

On wanting Paramore’s Hayley Williams to perform her WrestleMania entrance.

I don’t know how many times I have to ask, but I actually joined one of their Instagram Lives and asked Hayley. She kind of misunderstood me. She thought I wanted to use the song, but I need her to know that I want her to perform the song. Hopefully, when all of this is done, we can work that out. That would be a dream come true.

For more, including Bayley’s thoughts on fans comparing her and Sasha to the Two Man Power Trip, be sure to check out the full interview at Bleacher Report.

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