Spoiler On Major Appearance Planned For Chris Jericho Debate Segment On Dynamite

Jericho Orange Cassidy AEW Dynamite

Image: All Elite Wrestling

This coming week on Dynamite, Chris Jericho will be engaging in a debate with his rival of the moment, Orange Cassidy. During the announcement, which also involved setting up a rematch between the pair for the following week, the Demo God promised a surprise guest moderator for the proceedings. Rumors have already leaked out a potential candidate as for who one of Chris Jericho’s guests could be.

While not confirmed as the moderator, r/SquaredCircle contributor SpaceForce1 revealed that Eric Bischoff will be on AEW Dynamite this coming Wednesday at the behest of Chris Jericho. It’s an odd pairing considering Jericho’s comments on WCW going back a long way, but it’s a great get for AEW that honors TNT’s wrestling legacy in the process.

Will Eric be moderating the debate between Freshly Squeezed and Le Champion? Will he merely be helping Jericho illustrate one of his points? Will he bring orange juice to pour on Cassidy in case of an emergency? Tune in to this week’s Dynamite to see if Uncle Eric does truly grace TNT once again.

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