IMPACT, EC3 Call Out MJF For ‘Imitating’ Political Gimmick

This past Wednesday on Dynamite, MJF started the #MJF2020 campaign, with an end goal of being “elected” AEW Champion. In a fiery political-style speech, he stated that “dictator Jon” isn’t the type of change that All Elite Wrestling needs, and that he will lead the company forward for 25 years.

It this all seems familiar, you might have been watching IMPACT five years ago. The promotion shared a clip of EC3 during his #EC3ForChamp campaign, which reads as very similar to Mr. Friedman’s political speech this past Wednesday. EC3 himself then retweeted the clip, stating that “A past worth imitating is a past worth destroying.”

Is MJF truly just imitating what came before, or can you not truly own this type of political showmanship? Also, EC3’s campaign ended in great success for the Troublemaker, so can MJF match that and push “Dictator Jon” off his perch at the top of All Elite? Tune in at the next rally this Wednesday to find out more.

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EC3 made a similar argument when he spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about his next move in the world of professional wrestling. The former ‘Carter’ said he doesn’t want to completely erase the past but wants to see a world of wrestling that “doesn’t exist in the swamp of nostalgia.”

“I feel like nostalgia is a crutch, a curse. It’s a throwback and it’s easy because people have good memories of it, but at the same time, people can’t create new memories,” EC3 said. “I feel like we’ve been seeing that for my entire career and I get it. There’s so many people that I’d like to work with because there’s such a vast wealth of knowledge about how things used to be” EC3 said, “but at what point are we going to get past nostalgia and move forward? That’s one thing I’d like to see.”

“Another thing? I see everybody doing everything the same. So this isn’t my high horse preach that I want to see people do other things, because I don’t control their narrative, I control my narrative—#ControlYourNarrative, that’s why it’s a t-shirt on I will be in control of what I do and by doing that I will do what I want to do, what I think is the best. I may be right, I may be wrong, but I’ll be authentically myself doing it. I would like to see less conformity, but at the same time, if everyone’s conforming to one thing that’s what makes me so different on the other end,” EC3 said. “Wrestling is a variety show, you have different flavors of ice cream. You’ve got different meals, it’s a great dinner but not everyone should be the same. The lack of nostalgia and conformity, but at the same time I don’t mind if people are conforming because that just makes me different.”

“Here’s one for you—I will be willing to sacrifice star ratings for memories. Take that how you will.”

Check out the full interview below: