Rusev Banned From Twitch Just Days After Becoming A Full-Time Streamer (Updated)

(Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images)

UPDATE: Rusev has commented on the ban and it apparently only lasts one day. Miro will be back!

The former Rusev’s dreams of becoming the most handsome streamer on Twitch may be over before they’ve begun. Miro’s Twitch channel, which was gaining a following thanks to his past exploits in the ring, was banned off the streaming site earlier today, and no exact reason has been given. During a recent Twitch Q&A, Miro told fans that he wasn’t a professional wrestler anymore and he wanted to instead become everyone’s favorite streamer.

Now, only a few days after stating that on stream, his account is no more. However, thanks to his YouTube clips channel, we might be able to piece together a narrative. A week ago, Miro posted the following clip, which features his wife CJ Perry (WWE’s Lana) surprising her husband in a bikini during a game of FIFA.

While the outfit may not be shocking to a WWE audience, it is technically against Twitch’s code of conduct. Particularly, swimwear like CJ’s bikini is only permitted in situations where the person being filmed is swimming, on the beach, or attending a concert or festival. Miro’s house doesn’t fit any of those criteria, so he did technically break the rules.

Whether this particular stream was the cause for the banning or if there was another reason will hopefully become clear soon. Miro has not reached out via Twitter since yesterday before the ban, and his next tweets will likely provide the final context for the incident.

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