EC3 Wants To Confuse People, Confirms He Isn’t Exclusive To IMPACT

EC3 recently made his return to IMPACT following his departure from WWE, but it seems that it’s not his only destination. Framing it as arriving in the former TNA merely to “erase his past”, EC3 has more in his future than the Impact Zone. In fact, he 100% guarantees it. Speaking with Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca on Busted Open Radio, the former troublemaker talked about his endgame and how he defines controlling his narrative.

In the interview, EC3 stated that his failure in WWE caused him to create something he’s finally happy with, something that he can hopefully “take not only to Impact Wrestling but to the entire narrative of the wrestling world in various different locations. I think various different locations are ripe to take over this scene. I think that tide is turning and coming.” His plan involves confusing onlookers, saying he loves that no one knows exactly what his plans are.

Of course, with only a few companies running shows reliably, hopping from company to company becomes more difficult. Even so, EC3 doesn’t see that as an obstacle.

But jumping from place to place, can it be how the system goes? I think it’s a noble concept, but, at the same time, companies will want their stamps and their exclusivity on their top level talent to make them different from other people. So, I think that’s all a discussion to be had at another time.

But with the world being what it is today, why not shake it the hell up? Because the world’s shaken up, life’s shaken up, let’s make wrestling shaken up. SHAKE IT UP!

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