Drew Gulak Cleared To Compete Following Internal Injuries, Sights Set On AJ Styles

Drew Gulak

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

It appears Drew Gulak is ready to run the ropes once more after being sent to the squared circle sidelines due to injury.

Gulak does mention in his latest video that those ropes are there for protection, but states a whole lot more in the two minute clip, specifically his distaste for United States Champion, AJ Styles.

Gulak found himself suffering from internal injuries after Shorty G tossed him over the ropes during his fatal four-way match weeks back on SmackDown, but Coach Drew has luckily recuperated and wasn’t the biggest fan of Styles’ underhanded ways against Matt Riddle in his U.S. Title defense.

“I carry myself with a lot of pride, right? Whether I’m coaching, whether I’m competing, I try to act as if I would want a role model to act and to just stand back and let King Corbin beat up Matt and you just high-tail it to the back? That’s not what a leader does, man. That is not what a leader does. So the next time that we get to face off, I’m not just going to be thinking about just beating you, I’m going to be thinking about beating you up and I hope it’s soon. I really do hope it’s soon.”