Karl Anderson: We’re Going To Do Some Really Cool S–t In IMPACT And NJPW Is Going To Be Involved


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Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are not fans of how WWE dropped the ball with the Bullet Club members they had but they firmly believe they will get a chance to do it right on American soil with IMPACT Wrestling.

Gallows and Anderson have been speaking freely ever since July 18, 2020, when they’re WWE no-compete clause expired. In recent interviews, they openly discuss their issues with Paul Heyman, choosing WWE over AEW and how that caused friction between them and The Young Bucks and now, speaking to Wrestling With Sports, they open up about how WWE dropped the ball with Bullet Club.

Karl Anderson began, “WWE never ran strong with what they had and they had the base of one of the coolest things that ever happened in professional wrestling, and that was the Bullet Club. Something that happened outside of WWE, something that actually happened outside of WWE that got mainstream love…”

Gallows would add that one of the real reasons NJPW Became so successful is because of Bullet Club, with Rocky Romero chiming in and saying that his contract got a huge increase after the Bullet Club’s success.

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Anderson picked back up suggesting that there would be a working relationship soon between IMPACT and New Japan, or at the very least, crossover appeal to what they do in both brands.

“I think now that we have this opportunity with IMPACT and we’re so good with the executives and the head creative guys that we’re going to do some really cool shit and New Japan, Pro-Wrestling is going to be involved and it’s going to be really fun to see, like, the shit that we’re going to do. Is there gonna be a Bullet Club type thing at some point? One hundred percent,” said Anderson.

Gallows chimed in saying that now, they’re going to get a chance to do it right.

“Well, I think what really helps that, too, is the fact that Scott D’Amore was in Japan when they were working on some shit and he came into the ring with us actually a couple of times when we were doing at the height of the Bullet Club and he saw it. He knows what we can do. He knows how it was in that country. And then obviously you can see the t-shirts on every American wrestling show and all over the place at the mall, wherever he went. So he gets that. And I think that’s why we were a big get for him, because he knows the power that that thing can have. It’s just a shame they didn’t do it right. But now we have the chance to really fucking do it right on American soil.”

Gallows and Anderson can be seen every Tuesday on IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV.

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