Johnny Gargano Picks Up Big Win Against Roderick Strong

Johnny Gargano

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Johnny Gargano and Roderick Strong met in the ring during tonight’s episode of NXT, and despite both superstars giving it their all, it was Gargano who came out on top, grabbing a big win for the superstar.

During the match, Gargano and Strong went back and forth for the majority of their time in the ring. However, towards the end of the contest, Gargano was able to gain the upper hand. After getting sent out of the ring, Gargano was able to get Strong and throw him into the plexiglass at ringside. Following that, Gargano tossed Strong back into the ring, where he swiftly landed One Final Beat on him for the win.

After the loss, Strong found himself in the comfort of friends after, as Undisputed Era was seen arguing backstage. However, Kyle O’Reilly quickly quite everyone, telling every other member to think more positively.

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