Cody Rhodes Estimates A ‘Firmer Answer’ On AEW’s TV Schedule Expansion In 4-6 Weeks

Photo Credit: Lee South / All Elite Wrestling

Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Marc Raimondi of ESPN and discussed various topics. One highlight includes Rhodes’ discussion of potential changes to All Elite Wrestling’s TV schedule. Transcription courtesy of Raimondi:

“‘I think probably in four to six weeks I’ll have a firmer answer on that.That’s still very much the case. The format of that show might be different. It might rely on the production we have in place already, it might not. I know we’ve got all kinds of different plans converging on what we want. The goal of what the third hour would be is to showcase a different crop of talent from AEW. It’s very hard when you have this much talent and you only have a single weekly show. It’s hard to keep people in the mix. As a wrestler, it’s even hard to train for. The only way to train for wrestling is still wrestling. It’s been an adjustment, even without the pandemic.'”

Rhodes also pointed out how different talents have been utilizied in recent months:

“‘If anything, opportunities have been given and some people have seized those opportunities. You look at Ricky Starks. That was never the intention to sign him. The intention was to diversify and offer this wide palette for the AEW open challenge, of all different challengers from different worlds. And kind of acknowledging that wrestling exists outside of our AEW space, which is very important, to stay honest. If I had my way — and maybe I will — that third hour is a space to see some new men and women, including men and women not on our current roster.'”

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