Ricky Starks On Joining AEW, Working with Taz And More

Ricky Starks NWA

Photo Credit: Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks recently spoke with Jeremy Lambert of Fightful and discussed joining All Elite Wrestling, working with Taz, and various other topics. Here are some highlights:

On working with Taz and Brian Cage:

Starks: “[The match with Cody Rhodes], I think Taz to a liking to because it was something different, and I think he can appreciate somebody with a little bit more tenacity than most people have there, and obviously I bring that to the table and that’s what made me somewhat of a standout. I don’t know, I’ve known Cage for a while now and I like him, I think he’s great. We have a very good chemistry that you wouldn’t think works initially, but look at me, I think I get along with anybody.

“To me, it’s not crazy at all, to me, this is just normal to me, right? I honestly feel like I belong in the ring with people like Moxley, people like Darby, Cody, Kenny, I belong there. So it’s crazy people when you put it in that sense, but honestly speaking, when I sit down and think about it, it just feels right, it just feels right to get in a car, turn it on and then I have cold AC, it’s just, that’s how it should be.”

On wrestling in front of AEW’s “crowd”:

Starks: “It’s great, it’s absolutely great, I thought for sure it would be weird, but when you’re out there, those people who are in the crowd aren’t trying to just play an emotion, you know what I’m saying, that’s genuine emotion when they watch you wrestle. And I think the type of person that I am, when you watch me wrestle, you can’t help but to have a natural reaction to me. I love it, I love it. Would I love the fans back? For sure, but this is just as good. On TV, it translates so well to the audience at home, who I also feel like is in sync with the reactions that you hear from the audience.”

On whether the crowd gets any direction:

Starks: “No, we just go out and we have a natural reaction to what we’re watching and that’s it. I would hate to be told what to say or what to do when I’m out there because I’m trying to watch what’s in the ring, not really put something in motion.”

The full video is available here:

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