Aiden English Addresses The State Of Wrestling Via Spoken Word Poetry

Aiden English

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Aiden English recently took to social media to deliver a spoken word poem about the state of wrestling, talking about the art of it, the nation, and much more.

In a tweet shared earlier on Tuesday, English – who was released from WWE during their April layoffs – spoke about the state of the world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, wrestlers feeling “voiceless,” and much more. You can check out the entire poem below, or check out English delivering it in his tweet:

Let’s talk about wrestling, about the state of our art, desperate for showtime yet we’re still world’s apart. Except in the sunshine state where they’re blasting the grappling on those cable stations. But there’s ‘essential’ potential all across the nation. Black, white, gay, straight, he/her or they, an army of artists with something to say. Looking for a way to use their voices, but it’s hard to be the voice of the voiceless when there are no voices. Desperate to lock up but still locked down, trying to put ‘smiles on faces’ but there’s no one around. So when they emerge stronger – hearts and minds conditioned well. Storytelling athletes with a story to tell, with 4 sides, 3 ropes, 2 souls, 1 mat. It’s a physical poetry – blending fiction with fact. Independent contractors with independent dreams, cause trust me this carny life is more than it seems. So be careful, be smart, be safe, but be ready, cause there’s a roster of talent who’s been training steady. Hungry, focused, clawing for the top, so let’s keep talking about wrestling and let’s never stop.

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