Nia Jax ‘Fined’ By WWE Due To ‘Inappropriate Contact’ With Officials

nia jax

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Nia Jax’s kayfabe bank account is taking a hit.

“Nia Jax has been fined an undisclosed amount for inappropriate contact with multiple WWE officials in the aftermath of her match against Shayna Bazler on Monday’s Raw,” said in a news article. “The Irresistible Force and The Queen of Spades battle to a double count-out, then steamrolled over security who tried to separate them. Jax capped off the melee by crushing a WWE official with a Samoan Drop.”

During last night’s RAW, Jax returned to WWE television and brawled with Shayna Baszler. The two had a “match,” where they were immediately counted out. Jax later attacked WWE officials that tried to stop her from fighting Baszler further.

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