Dominik Mysterio Confronts Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy Rams Aleister Black’s Eye Into Steel Steps

Seth Rollins

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

As promised, Dominik Mysterio confronted Seth Rollins after his father, Rey Mysterio, lost the eye for an eye match at WWE Extreme Rules.

Dominik came into the ring face-to-face with Rollins. Surprisingly, Rollins offered to guide the son of his former foe. However, Dominik didn’t take kindly to the offer and tackled Rollins. Buddy Murphy was able to get Dominik off the “Messiah” and the son of lucha royalty was then assaulted two-on-one. The two threw Dominik against the side of the announcer’s desk and Rollins then set his eyes on the steel steps.

“This isn’t my fault,” Rollins said. “I didn’t want this to come to violence.” However, before he could attack Rollins further, Aleister Black ran down and attacked Murphy and Rollins. Sadly for Black, they once again got a two-on-one advantage and beat him down. Rollins then hit a curb stomp on the floor against Black, which knocked him out cold. Rollins then told Murphy that he knows what he has to do and slapped him in order to provoke him into taking out Black permanently. Murphy then rammed Black’s eye into the steel steps.

Dominik would then recover and use a kendo stick to run off both men.

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