MVP On The Lost Art Of Managing, His Goals In WWE And More


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MVP recently made an appearance on Gorilla Position and discussed his current run with WWE. MVP shared his goals and reflected on how managing is a lost art in WWE. Here are some highlights:

On his goals:

MVP: “I really see myself moving into a Heyman-esque role as I get older, but I still have a good 2-3 years of bumping left in this body, I can still go. And I’ve done just about everything that I’ve wanted to do, and I think maybe winning the tag titles with [Bobby] Lashley, seeing Lashley to a WWE Championship run, those are some of the things that I’d like to see. For now, for the immediate future, I would to continue to be involved in the ring and have singles matches and tag matches, but you know, over the next couple years, I imagine I’ll be doing less of that and more of just the managerial responsibilities, and I’m enjoying that a great deal.”

On the lost art of managing:

MVP: “The fact that you don’t see that, especially in WWE, is not lost on me., the opportunity that I’ve been given and the trust in that role. Because, prior to Paul Heyman, when was the last time we saw that, right, Paul Heyman and his advocacy. So being that I have been given this opportunity, I’m honored because it’s something that you don’t see, it is a bit of a lost art.”

“In my opinion, you know, the greatest professional wrestling manager of all time was Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan. There was nothing he couldn’t do, he could get in the ring, he could bump, he could talk, he could commentate, there’s nothing that Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan wasn’t good at, and I try to pattern myself at this stage of my career on him. And if I can be one tenth as good at my game as he was, we’re all in for a good ride.”

The full clip is available here:

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