Drake Maverick On His Pitched Live Sex Celebration, How Survivor Series 2018 Helped His Career, And More

Drake Maverick recently spoke with Alistair McGeorge of Metro and reflected on his memorable feud with R-Truth and called it a highlight of his career. “'[It was] one of the most fun runs I’ve had in the business,’” said Maverick via McGeorge. 

Maverick expressed some regret that the feud was dropped before it was resolved, and said that he pitched one at least idea that didn’t make the cut. “’The one I pitched was the live consummation celebration which was supposed to be a spoof on the Edge and Lita one, which was very PG but you could imagine Drake Maverick stripping off for his wife, trying to take his pants off and falling over, then getting back up like it didn’t happened [sic],’” said Maverick via McGeorge. 

Maverick also looked back on WWE Survivor Series 2018, where he created an unforgettable moment by urinating on live television. “‘I’ve been through many obstacles in my life, but peeing in front of thousands of people is probably the most difficult,’”said Maverick via McGeorge. 

Though the moment may seem embarrassing, Maverick said it helped his career. “’You really don’t understand the respect people gave me just for being able to pee on cue like that,’”said Maverick via McGeorge. “’I will do anything because… I mean, it’s my job! My boss wants me to piss myself – OK boss! ‘”Whatever you want me to do.”‘”

Maverick has won the WWE 24/7 Championship six times, and he is now a member of NXT.

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