Big Show OK With Being An ‘Attraction’, Says Bodyguard Role Is Better For Younger Talent

Big Show

Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

At this point in his pro wrestling career, Big Show is a-okay with being labeled as an attraction. Before the WWE legend faced off against Randy Orton this past Monday on RAW, Show spoke with The Wrap about his status in the squared-circle.

“So long as I’m able to contribute and have fun, I’m in,” he said. “But at the same time, it depends on the storylines and the creativity. If there’s an opportunity that makes sense, absolutely, I’m here to help out. If I could help get some of the younger talent on their way in the execution of my duties, I’m happy to do it.”

“Part of me and now what I’m doing is– I’m more of an attraction now, so seeing me here and there. If Big Foot cuts through your backyard once in a while, that’s me,” he adds.

The Wrap also asked if he would be interested in putting younger talent over being in a bodyguard or enforcer role. Show stated that a role like that would be better suited for up-and-coming talent because it gives them an opportunity to learn from ringside.

“That bodyguard role is better to put a younger talent into that can observe matches ringside and slowly be introduced over time until the talent gets more comfortable to start breaking off and working on his own.”

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