Sarah Logan & Erik Reveal The Gender & Name Of Their Baby; The Rock Surprises Tequila Drinkers

Sarah Logan

Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

Sarah Logan & Erik Reveal The Gender & Name Of Their Baby

Sarah Logan & Erik (Raymond Rowe) have had plenty of happy news as of late to share. The two WWE stars married back in December of 2018 and the couple just announced recently that Logan was pregnant. Now on their YouTube Channel (“The Wild and Free TV”) Sarah and Erik revealed to the world the gender and name of their expected bundle to be. Check out the video below to get all the details.

Raymond and Sarah Rowe are beyond excited to share the gender of their child. Tag along as they share feelings, the name of the future Rowe and even hear the baby’s heart beat for the very first time!!

We are proud and happy to welcome all of you to Rowesborg, our family farm. Join Raymond and Sarah Rowe in their lives outside the ring. This is an exciting time as they wrestle new adventures and hunt new opportunities.

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The Rock Surprises Tequila Drinkers

Sarah Logan certainly can’t be drinking considering the circumstances, but maybe Erik would like to tip back a little bit of The Rock’s tequila to celebrate their happy news. Over at, some lucky folks were fortunate enough to do just that at a taste-testing for Teremana Tequila: ‘The Tequila of The People’ which The Rock revealed back in October. The tequila has two styles, The Teremana Blanco which has a more light citrus flavor  priced at $29.99 while the Teremana Reposado  which sells for $32.99 has notes of oak and vanilla. You can check out the video of The Rock below.

Teremana Blind Tasting with Dwayne Johnson