Jim Ross Says Fans Should DVR NXT, Taz Says AEW Doesn’t Insult Fans Intelligence

Jim Ross

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Two WWE veterans who now work for AEW get very candid about how they feel regarding the Wednesday night ratings battle with NXT.

On last night ‘s AEW post-show, Jim Ross and Taz (via Fightful) gleefully sang the praises of AEW Dynamite. Jim Ross would say that for him, it’s not even competition and would advise that the audience just DVR the other wrestling program on the USA network.

“Why is there even a choice on Wednesday nights? DVR NXT. Watch it later. Our shit’s better and I’m proud of being able to say that and it’s not in defiance. It’s the reality,” Ross began.

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Taz chimed in, with his signature Brooklyn charm, declaring that he couldn’t recall the last time he watched or cared about NXT.

“I don’t really remember the last time I watched their show. That’s no bullshit. I really don’t remember and I don’t give a rat’s ass about it,” Taz added. “I respect the men and women there bumping and working. I’m not trying to be a homer and I don’t give a shit if someone thinks that. I’m so locked into this, I don’t really give a rat’s ass.”

Jim Ross went on to call WWE arrogant and omnipotent with Taz saying that WWE tries to insult your intelligence. You can see the full clip below: