Cesaro And Shinsuke Nakamura Reflect On Winning The SmackDown Tag Team Championship


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WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura appeared on WWE’s The Bump this week. The duo celebrated their championship victory at WWE Extreme Rules. Here are some highlights:

On whether there’s more to prove:

Cesaro: “there’s always more to prove. I’ve never came to work one day where I thought that I didn’t have anything to prove. We always work for respect, and I think that’s the most important part in this business and in life, and we never stop working for it. And just because we have the tag team championships, it doesn’t mean we stop right now. Now, our mission essentially starts.”

On who they hope to face on SmackDown:

Nakamura: “We are looking for the new opponent, so an exciting opponent we want.”

Cesaro: “The exciting part is now to see who steps up. We called out New Day, we called out New Day for dodging us, and then we showed how dominant we can be so who will step up now? I want the SmackDown tag team division to be the absolute best, and with the teams that are on SmackDown, there’s no doubt in my mind that’s gonna be the division to watch for the foreseeable future.”

Cesaro on teaming up with Nakamura:

Cesaro: “To me, it’s an honor to team with [him] because he’s awesome, as you’re able to see every week on SmackDown and RAW and everywhere. And it’s awesome, it’s really cool and to me, part of the cool story is that you can see how it all unfolded, right? So I’ve been with WWE for so long that there’s been storylines that have just been naturally building and me and New Day is definitely one. And glad to say, look at me, I come out on top.

Nakamura on why he likes tag team wrestling:

Nakamura: “I like single matches of course. We enjoy the single match also tag team, so tag team need more instinct, structure, structure building and so they’re more like a game, so I need to use Cesaro and Cesaro need to use me. Also need to think about the opponent but there’s not only one.”

The full episode is available here:

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