IMPACT Wrestling Results (7/21/20)

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz vs. Havok and Neveah 

Neveah and Steelz argue. Neveah suplexes Steelz. Havok tags in and crushes Steelz with a backbreaker. Neveah hits the ring and knees Steelz in the head. Hogan tags in and says she’s got this. Hogan walks into a big boot from Havok. Hogan lands a dropkick but it has no effect. Havok clotheslines Hogan. Neveah and Havok work over Hogan. After a distraction, Hogan is able to attack Neveah from behind. Hogan and Steelz take turns working over Neveah. Neveah eventually manages to tag in Havok, who clears the ring. Havok reverses a head-scissor into a Tombstone Piledriver position. Before Havok can drop Hogan, Steelz hits her with a chair to cause a DQ. 

Winners- Havok and Neveah

After the match., Havok Tombestones Hogan. 

Hernadez vs. Rhino

At the start of the match, Rhino and Hernandez hand their money to the referee. Hernandez wants to count it. As soon as Hernandez turns around, Rhino hits the Gore for the win. 

WInner- Rhino

Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo says after dominating Jordynne Grace there is no one left to fight. Kylie Rae walks in and introduces herself to Purrazzo. Rae is super excited. She informs Purrazzo that she is the new number one contender. Purrazzo offers Rae a handshake. When Rea shakes Purrazzo’s hand, Purrazzo tries to put her in the armbar. Rae blocks it. The two brawl until being pulled apart. 


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