IMPACT Wrestling Results (7/21/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results IMPACT Wrestling Results

July 21
, 2020

Report By Lovell Porter for

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X-Division Championship Match: Chris Bey (c ) vs. Willie Mack

As soon as the bell rings Bey hits a running dropkick. Bey tries to pin Mack but Mack kicks out two. Mack and Bey trade strikes. Mack floors Bey with a right hand. Bey begs off. Bey trips Mack into the ropes. Mack falls to the outside. Bey tries a dive but Mack catches him in midair. Mack slams Bey out on the floor. Mack sends Bey back into the ring. 

Mack hits a slingshot senton. Mack misses a clothesline in the corner. Mack gets hung up in the ropes. Hangman’s neckbreaker by Bey. Mack kicks out. Bey works a side headlock. Mack tries to fire up but Bey cuts him off. Bey dances and calls Willie Mack, Willie Wack. Mack rolls out of the way of Bey’s moonsault. Mack hits a standing moonsault of his own. Mack destroys Bey with a popup elbow shot. Mack misses the 6-Star Frog Splash. Bey hits a springboard stunner for the win. 

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion, Chris Bey!

In-Ring Segment: The Good Brothers

Anderson says after months of anticipation they have arrived in IMPACT. Anderson takes credit for Slammiversery trending number one worldwide. They are the best wrestlers in the world. LG says they are here to show anyone in IMPACT how it’s done. Anderson asks for a beer and someone tosses him two. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton interrupt and say hello to the new guys. He is going to give them a pass for what happened on the PPV. Austin is here to give them a chance to apologize. Austin says they should share a beer over the Good Brothers’ apology. LG says they aren’t apology guys. Austin says, well he isn’t a beer guy. Austin knocks the beer out of Anderson’s hand. Austin asks Fulton what the Good Brothers are going to do. Fulton says they ain’t gonna do shit. Anderson and LG attack Fulton and Austin. The Good Brothers clear the ring.

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