The Motor City Machine Guns & The North Hype IMPACT Tag Title Match Tonight

Motor City Machine Guns

Photo: IMPACT Wrestling

The Motor City Machine Guns didn’t appear to miss a beat when they returned to IMPACT Wrestling to open Slammiversary and they hope to keep that motor humming tonight on IMPACT for tag team gold.

It wasn’t just MCMG who got a tag team win at IMPACT’s headline PPV on Saturday, but The North retained their IMPACT Tag Titles against an “at odds” Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan. Post-victory, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander gloated about how they have become the most dominate tag team in IMPACT Wrestling history considering it’s been a year-long reign of dominance for the duo. Cue Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, who made it clear that they’d be challenging the champs this very upcoming Tuesday for those straps.

Now, both parties have taken to social media to share in their excitement (and disdain for one another) in what is definitely a dream match for IMPACT die-hards.

2 generations 2 of the best teams ever,” Tweeted out Page. “Tonight isn’t about proving to fans how good we are …. it’s about showing @fakekinkade @SuperChrisSabin they aren’t the best anymore! We didn’t sign on for this match for buzz. We took this match to prove we’re the best in the WORLD!”

“Please do me a favor. Consider the notion that @IMPACTWRESTLING has a rebuilt tag division. And realize that it was built on the backs of @OfficialEGO and @Walking_Weapon. Consider that @SuperChrisSabin has had ONE match back on a THIRD reconstructed ACL. And consider that I am, and this is no bullshit carny work, a free agent who can and does go anywhere and everywhere and has no qualms walking out on anything or anyone if I see anything I don’t like, agree with, or find anything less than kosher. Combine these elements and realize that THAT is how important Tag Team Wrestling is to @IMPACTWRESTLING because YOU, the fans, demand it. See you, space cowboy.”

Shelley forgot to add one more item of note too: “Imma add this too: ain’t no one got the tag experience I do. No one.”

The action starts tonight at 8 PM EST on AXS TV, but to catch up on what happened at Slammiversary, check out our audio recap and review below:

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