Randy Orton Asks RJ City If He’s A Bloated Asshole, Wants To Discuss AJ Styles Being A Flat-Earther

RJ City Randy Orton

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Randy Orton and RJ City aren’t the duo we want, they’re the duo we need in 2020.

Orton and City got into it this morning on Twitter after the “RJ Makes Coffee In His Underwear” star called out video game developers for being cheap by not paying him like “every other bloated asshole” they sign up.

Orton took notice and asked RJ if he was a bloated asshole, then proceeded to humblebrag about getting a six-figure payday for appearing on the cover of a 2K video game. (For those unaware, Orton was on the cover of WWE ’12 and was looking… not bloated)

From there, RJ began living rent-free in The Viper’s head, telling a tale of how Orton pined for a pastrami sandwich while he sang “Burn In My Light” to himself. Orton chided RJ for getting his own theme song stuck in his head, but eventually found common ground as he suggested that they discuss AJ Styles being a member of the Flat Earth Society.

#OrtonCity2020 – that’s it, that’s the Tweet.

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