Mick Foley Requests That President Trump Speeds Up COVID-19 Testing Process

Mick Foley

Photo: Dominic DeAngelo

Mick Foley was recently tested for COVID-19, but it took 11 days for The Hardcore Legend to receive his results. Fortunately, his test came back negative, but due to the long wait, Foley thought it was best to send a message to fellow WWE 2013 Hall Of Fame Inductee and current President, Donald Trump.

Foley very diplomatically stated his situation over Twitter, making it clear that receiving his results so late seems like a moot point even if he happened to not contract the Coronavirus. It only took Mick thirty seconds to make his pitch which you can check out below:

“Dear @realDonaldTrump,

Mr President, we have a testing problem. Can you please take 33 seconds out of your busy day to watch my video?

Sincerely, Mick Foley”

Mick hasn’t been the first wrestling legend to get a COVID-19 test independently. Just recently, Diamond Dallas Page was tested for the virus after having very severe symptoms and although his tests came back negative as well, does believe he contracted the virus. Several of Page’s family members felt different symptoms and even did test positive for COVID-19. Page also made a video, not to Trump, but to fans imploring them to err on the side of caution.