Lio Rush’s ‘Final Match’ Is A Singing Shoot Interview Album

lio rush final match

Photo Credit: Lio Rush

Lio Rush has been hyping his ‘final match’ for a few more weeks and it’s not exactly the match you might have thought it was.

Rush posted the following on Twitter, revealing the details and artwork for The Final Match and now we know he’s going to sing about his wrestling career instead of ending it in the ring.

I’m officially a #FreeAgent and at midnight I will be releasing my shoot interview, but in album form. I wanted to do something cool, different and unique. I wanted the fans to have a story to follow. Starting from before I hit the ring all the way until the very end. This is my #FinalMatch. Written my way. Controlled by me. Ending things on my terms. This is my story un told and it’s a story that you’re not going to want to miss. After you listen, Let me know what you think.

Rush was released by WWE in April and has been making a run at a music career. Recently, he’s attempted to set the record straight on a few hot topic rumors that came out during his WWE run, noting that everything was “super exaggerated.”

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