Deonna Purrazzo Taps Out Jordynne Grace, Becomes Knockouts Champion At Slammiversary

deonna purrazzo

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo hasn’t been a part of IMPACT Wrestling for long, but that didn’t stop her from shooting to the top of the charts, taking down Jordynne Grace tonight at IMPACT Slammiversary to take home the IMPACT Knockouts Championship.

During the match, Purrazzo came away with a win after dominating Grace in the submission department. Towards the end of the match, Purrazzo was able to survive a nasty elbow from Grace to lock in a double fujiwara armbar on her, which forced Grace to tap out.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

German suplex by Deonna. Grace returns the favor. Pump kick by Deonna. She kicks the arm of Grace and hits the pendulum snap suplex for a close fall.

Grace hits a series of knees and cannonballs in the corner to Purrazzo to try to get a pin, but Deonna still hangs on. Grace hammers away at Deonna. Grace hits an elbow. Jacknige pin attempt and Deonna locks in a  very impressive double fujiwa armbar for the submission win!

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Purrazzo recently spoke with WrestleZone about what this opportunity meant to her, noting that she saw the proverbial target on her back. She said that she knew she hasn’t had this opportunity before but praised IMPACT for giving her a platform to excel, adding that it meant a great deal to her.

“So I know that, like, coming in and having such a high profile match puts the target on my back,” she began. “That is a target that I see very clearly and that I’ve put on myself too. I feel this pressure to perform at a new level, at a higher standard than I’ve gotten to perform in the past. I think that just comes with the territory of like coming in and being like, ‘I am a star and we might not have all seen it before. But rest assured, the next seven or eight weeks we will all see what I feel about myself.’ For IMPACT to give me that platform, for IMPACT to give me the time to develop myself and develop my personality, my character, and prove to the world that I deserve this opportunity, that I’m worthy of this opportunity as a person, means the world to me because I haven’t gotten to do a lot of these things before anywhere.”

Confident that she would win the title match, Purrazzo also discussed some of the names within the division that she wants to work with after she became champion. You can check out the full interview at this link.

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