Chris Bey Wins X Division Championship At Slammiversary

chris bey

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Chris Bey entered tonight’s IMPACT Slammiversary with championship aspirations, and he left the ring having fulfilled those, as he took down Willie Mack to become the newest IMPACT X-Division Champion.

During his match against Mack, Bey came out on top, ending things with a poke to the eye followed by a crucifix takedown. After the takedown, Mack then landed the Art of Finesse on Mack for the win, and was crowned the newest champion.

For more how on the match end, check out below:

Bey and Mack go back and forth before Mack plants him down with one big sit-out bomb. Both men are laid out eventually and the ref begins a ten count. Mack soon gets back on the offensive and hits a corner cannonball and then lands on his feet. Bey rolls Mack for a close fall, and Mack then gives Bey an exploder suplex in the corner. Mack covers, but only two.

Bey finally gets on the offensive when he crotches Mack on the top turnbuckle. He soon hits Mack with with rolling sitdown bomb for a close fall. Mack hits a stunner and goes for a six-star frog splash, Bey evades, hits Mack with a poke to the eye, a crucifix takedown and hits the Art of Finesse finisher for the win and a new champ.

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