Heath Slater Shows Up At Slammiversary

Heath Slater

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

During tonight’s IMPACT Slammiversary, Heath Slater made a surprise appearance, claiming that he was ready to make a splash on the program before doing just that to Rohit Raju.

After making his way out to the ring, Slater said that what fans at home were seeing was the “new Heath,” and that he wanted to make an impact at IMPACT Wrestling. After that, Rohit Raju came out to the ring and begin talking trash, mocking Slater for his recent appearance on Monday Night RAW. Slater didn’t take too kindly to that, and quickly dispatched him in grand fashion.

Later on in the night, Heath ran into Rhyno, with the two excitedly greeting each other before Scott D’Amore said that it wouldn’t be safe for Slater to linger around due to the pandemic and his free agent status.

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