Joey Ryan Posts Lengthy Video Addressing Sexual Assault Allegations, Says He Has Evidence To Refute Claims

Joey Ryan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Joey Ryan is speaking out about the sexual assault claims made against him and he says he has evidence to refute these allegations.

As seen in the 58-minute-long video below, Ryan denies the claims and provides evidence after explaining why he was silent for so long. A number of people had come forward during the #SpeakingOut movement, alleging Ryan sexually assaulted them. Ryan initially posted a statement, noting that he spoke with his lawyer, who advised him not to comment on any specific allegations at the time. Several people had come forward with accounts of how Ryan treated them during travel, at wrestling events and post-show events, with there ultimately being more than a dozen claims made against the wrestler by various sources.

The aftermath of the allegations made against Ryan saw Bar Wrestling shut down, and IMPACT Wrestling fired him on June 22. It’s worth noting that Ryan addresses his IMPACT Wrestling status and says there’s a clause in the contract that says he can’t be fired for any actions that took place prior to signing that deal. He notes that since all of the accusations allegedly took place before he signed the deal, he’s considering legal action.

In addition, Highspots pulled all Joey Ryan content that he could monetize on their app, and his name was also removed from the “Joey Ryan Penis Party” that took place as part of WrestleCon in New York City last year. That event is now listed as the “WrestleCon Penis Party”, and DVDs and downloads will remain on the site for now since Ryan does not earn any money from those sales.

Being The Elite also made the decision to remove several of their videos that feature Ryan, issuing the following statement in their June 23 episode:

Hi guys and girls. We hope this video provides an escape, or even maybe makes you laugh during these tough times. We love you all.

Out of respect to the victims, we have began the process of taking down BTE videos which featured an accused serial sexual abuser. Our biggest regret is providing a platform unknowingly to such a despicable person. Our hearts go out to the victims and anyone else affected.

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