Matt Riddle Loses To AJ Styles, Gets Attacked By Baron Corbin

matt riddle

Photo Credit: WWE

AJ Styles and Matt Riddle clashed in tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown main event, with the two sudden rivals going at it for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Unfortunately for Riddle, he was unable to come away with a win, and suffered a vicious attack after the match to boot.

During the match, Styles was able to come out on top after locking Styles into the Calf Crusher to get things started. To his credit, Riddle was able to counter the submission and roll Styles into the BroMission, which nearly earned him a victory and title. However, Style was able to expertly roll out of the move and turn it into a pin, which gave him a key victory and title defense. Following the match, Styles and Riddle shook hands in the ring before Baron Corbin ambushed Riddle from behind. Defenseless, Riddle was attacked by Corbin for a bit before Corbin ended things with an End of Days.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Styles slams Riddle down to the mat with a modified facebuster. Dragon screw by Styles. Styles works over Riddle’s leg. Styles locks Riddle in a rear chin lock. Riddle kicks Styles into a corner. Running elbow by Riddle. Riddle follows that with thee Bro-To-Sleep but Styles kicks out. After the break, Styles continues his assault. Riddle surprises Styles with a Broton. Styles and Riddle trade strike. Riddle tries an overhead kick but Styles catches Riddle’s foot and locks in the Calf Crusher. Riddle reverses it into the BroMission. Styles reverses it into a pin and gets the three count.

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