Bully Ray: AEW Needs The Right Heel To Bring Out The Best In Kenny Omega

kenny omega

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

During the latest episode of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray discussed his views of All Elite Wrestling superstar Kenny Omega, and how he believes that with the right person in the ring with him, the best version of Omega could be brought out.

“It’s the lack of real heels that will not give you that version of Kenny Omega that you want to see so bad,” he said. “You don’t have to turn Kenny Omega heel to get that version of Kenny Omega. You need the right heel standing across from Kenny Omega to bring that side of him out, and this is where the business lacks real heels. It would be very easy for the right heel who know what the f— he was doing, to stand across from Kenny and bring out everything that you want to see in Kenny. You kind of got a little bit with Kenny vs. Chris, you kind of got it. Too many people love Chris though…because people still love Jericho, they weren’t allowed to fully immerse their love back into Kenny.”

Ray went on to say that he believes there’s another side to Omega, a side that “nobody has been able to bring out.” He continued by saying that a special type of heel would be needed in order to bring out the more serious side of Omega. “I’m talking about whittling it all away to where Kenny stands face-to-face with somebody that can breathe down his neck in a way where you’re not saying ‘Oh I want to see Kenny hit a One Winged Angel on that guy,’ or ‘I want to see Kenny do a flip on that guy.’ What you’re saying to yourself is ‘I want to see Kenny ball his hand up into a fist and punch that guy in the fricking mouth. That’s what Kenny Omega needs.”

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