WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Results (7/19/20)

WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Results

July 19, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kickoff Show

Kevin Owens vs. Murphy

As soon as the bell rings Murphy explodes out of the corner for a high knee. Owens avoids it and almost hits the Stunner. Owens and Murphy exchange strikes. Owens tries another Stunner but Murphy pushes Owens away.  a kick from Murphy sends Owens careening to the mat. Murphy only gets a two count. Owens tries to fire up but he ends up running right into a sleeper hold. Owens starts to fade. Owens drops to one knee. Owens fights to his feet and drives Murphy into the corner multiple times. Murphy manages to boot Owens in the face. Murphy mounts the top rope. Murphy dives but Owens catches him with a boot to the gut.

Owens hits a DDT. Owens tries a senton but Murphy gets his knees up. Owens reverses Murphy’s move into a suplex into the corner. Owens follows that up with his patented cannonball. Murphy kicks out at two. Murphy surprise Owens with Meteora off the top. Owens kicks out. Murphy lands a series of knees before leveling Owens with a deadlift brainbuster. That was impressive. Murphy still can’t hold Owens down for a three count. Owens stumbles into the corner.

Murphy lands several kicks. Murphy struggles to lands a superplex. Owens reverses it into a top rope gourd buster. Owens bounces off the second rope, spins in mid-air, lands on the top rope, and hits a picture-perfect moonsault. Superkick by Owens. Murphy doesn’t go down, but he stumbles into a Stunner by Owens. Owens pins Murphy.

Winner- Kevin Owens

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