Apollo Crews: The Nation Of Domination Would Have To Be A Babyface Stable If It Returned To WWE

apollo crews

Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

Apollo Crews would love to be part of a Nation Of Domination rebirth in WWE, but they wouldn’t be the bad guys this time around.

Crews recently spoke with Andreas Hale for Sporting News and was asked about the online rumblings about the Nation potentially making a return to WWE. Fans have made comparisons to the Attitude Era group ever since MVP and Lashley linked up, but Crews agrees that it couldn’t be a heel stable in the current racial climate.

“No way. I feel like everyone would love to see something like that today. I would have to be a part of it. I wouldn’t want to be on the outside looking in at that faction. I saw everyone talking about it and it would be dope. That’s what so many people want to see. Not only myself, but I know a few guys backstage would want to be in it. Thinking about those possibilities is really cool. But it would have to be a babyface stable today.”

With that said, if there was a Nation Of Domination in 2020, Crews says he wouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines and miss out on that chance. He says MVP and Lashley are obvious candidates and nominated himself and three other possibilities to fill out the potential stable.

“I’d definitely have to put me in there. You’ve gotta have MVP and Bobby Lashley. I’m going to have some extra group members with Shelton Benjamin, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. That’s a solid group right there.”

Crews will face off with MVP at WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show on Sunday for the United States Championship.

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