Chris Jericho Gets A ‘Demo God’ Tee, ‘The Last Ride: Tales From The Deadman’ To Premiere After Extreme Rules

Chris Jericho

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Chris Jericho Gets A ‘Demo God’ Tee

Are you all about the ratings, junior? Well the latest Chris Jericho tee should satiate your needs as The Demo god gets a fresh set of threads on Pro Wrestling Tees after explaining how ratings works to the viewers of AEW Fight For The Fallen last night.

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‘The Last Ride: Tales From The Deadman’ To Premiere After Extreme Rules

WWE had their Sunday pretty sturdy this weekend as they have fans ready to see what kind of “horror show” is in store for Extreme Rules, but now they will continue by adding more Undertaker in the mix. revealed that after Extreme Rules, fans will get a follow up to The Last Ride with “Tales From The Deadman.” It will feature behind-the-scenes footage and will be narrated by actor Timothy Olyphant (of Justified fame).

You thought you’d seen the last Last Ride? Think again.

The critically-acclaimed WWE Network series returns this Sunday as Undertaker shares even more stories from his legendary career on Undertaker: The Last Ride: Tales from the Deadman, narrated by Emmy-nominated actor and producer Timothy Olyphant.

Get ready for some incredible behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the man himself, as Undertaker recalls stories about the origins of his character, his experience on an infamous plane ride, and even that time he fought The Godfather over a hat, all accompanied by never-before-seen animation.

Don’t miss the return of Undertaker: The Last Ride, as “Tales from The Deadman” premieres this Sunday, streaming immediately following The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules, only on WWE Network.