Raven Claims Billy Corgan Plans On Shutting NWA Down, Says He’s ‘Disillusioned’

billy corgan nwa

Update: Billy Corgan sets the record straight—the National Wrestling Alliance isn’t for sale.

Corgan issued a new statement in response to rumors that the promotion would be shut down that can be read in full at this link.

Raven claims we may have seen the last of the National Wrestling Alliance as we know it.

During a new interview with Hannibal TV, Raven claimed there are rumblings that Billy Corgan may be shutting down the NWA for good. Raven said he heard rumblings that Corgan is shuttering the promotion, noting that he was “disillusioned” about moving forward. Raven clarified that he wasn’t the booker for Corgan in Chicago’s Resistance Pro but worked in the office, and went on to say that they got along rather well.

“I think Billy is shutting it down, from what I hear. Plus, Billy really does the booking, all the booking, at least he did with Resistance Pro. He liked me there to have my wrestling mind so I could say ‘yay or nay’ to ideas, if they make sense, if they don’t. Ultimately he was the final say on everything, as he should have been. I heard from the grapevine, I heard that Billy is not opening back up, he’s really disillusioned.”

The current incarnation of the NWA has been on hiatus since June 19 after Vice President Dave Lagana resigned from his role after being accused of sexual assault. Corgan has been the controlling owner of the NWA brand since 2017 when he purchased it from Bruce Tharpe; prior to that and starting in 2012, the NWA had been licensing its brand to wrestling promotions. NWA also had “charter” promotions with WCW until 1993 and Total Nonstop Action from 2002 to 2007.

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